Microsoft Vs. Apple, The Battle of Customer Service

Above the Surface

Today, I went to the Microsoft and Apple store. I wanted to see how the customer service varied between them. To start off we’ll look at the Microsoft store. When I entered the store, there was a man greeting everyone, saying “Hi, how are you”. Then he asked if there was anything in particular that I was looking for. I said I was looking to learn more about the Surface. He said that I should head over to the displays and there will be someone with me soon. As I looked around, I could see all available associates were helping customers so I understood that it would take a minute. When the associate came over to me, he started to tell me all the features the Surface gave. After he showed me, he let me try it out for myself. He really knew what he was talking about. I could tell that he had strong product knowledge. He didn’t push me into the sale, but he helped me understand all of the benefits of using it. The product was top of the line in every aspect. He explained how each of them affects it. He compared the Surface to Apple products. He explained how the Surface is faster and sturdier. He ended the conversation with ” again”. The service was really good. In order to improve my customer service skills for Help Desk, I will make sure to greet everyone happily and encourage them to come again.

Genius Bar? I’m not so sure


For the Apple store, the service was terrible. I walked in, there was no one there to greet me. There were at least 5 people no being offered help even though there were at least 8 available associates. I walked around for 20 minutes. I walked right in front of 2 associates stopped for a second, then moved on. They didn’t even look at me to see if I had any questions. After browsing for a few more minutes, I left. I went all around the store and not one person approached me. I even started to compare my phone to the newer model and no associate reacted. This is the list I was supposed to compare to the customer service of Apple, I kept the ones that I already talked about.

  1. When looking at merchandise, are you approached by an employee and asked if you need assistance or if you have any questions?
  2. Does the employee explain any of the features and benefits of the product?
  3. Does the employee possess strong product knowledge?
  4. Does the employee attempt to close the sale (get you to buy the product) at any point during your interaction with him/her?
  5. Does the employee explain any type of extended features of the product? A warranty? AppleCare protection plan?
  6. Does the employee try to make any comparisons between their products and a competitor?
  7. Is the employee friendly and approachable? Do they use terms you understand, or do they define any technical terms for you?
  8. How does the employee conclude his/her interaction with you? Do they invite you to visit the store again?

I think the associates did not approach me because of my age. They might have thought I was too young to be interested in purchasing the products. That should not affect the service that they give to potential customers. I learned that I should have strong product knowledge so that I am comfortable approaching students and teachers that need my help at the Help Desk.


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