Weekly Reflection 2/21/16-2/27/16

This week I helped teachers with the new update for Mac called El Capitan. Not all of the teachers had updated it, causing some glitches with the audio. I helped one teacher which required more time. She did not have an Apple ID, so she could not upgrade. I helped her set up an Apple ID and then downloaded it for her. So far, the glitches have been solved easily by simply updating your operating system. If this issue has been happening with your MacBook where the audio does not output, updating to El Capitan may help. I took the challenge of helping the teacher get El Capitan on her computer even though she did not have an Apple ID to start out with. I lead her through each step, making sure that she understood what I was doing so that she would be able to do it again if she needed to. This was the first week where I left on my own mission to help someone in the school. She was very happy that I was able to fix her computer and I made sure to remind her that if she needed any further help to contact the Help Desk. I want to improve my customer service skills. I want to make sure that each and every customer gets the better service than they were expecting. I want to make it so they will want to tell their friends about how great the Burlington Help Desk is! I will make sure to follow the steps of WIRED for every customer and will do everything that I can to make sure that every customer leaves satisfied.


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