Weekly Reflection 2/1-2/19

I solved multiple problems over the last two weeks. They involved helping students download apps, teaching a teacher how to share videos and showing a town committee member how to use the Google apps. I solved their problems through teamwork. I solved these problems with two other students and Ms. Scheffer. Google was a useful tool in order to assess the problems. It let me know if other people had the problem before and how they solved it. I showed that I could be a leader by showing a group around the school. We showed them what it is like to use iPads in classes. I was able to successfully help many people. The woman we helped with the Google apps left satisfied and left with a much better understanding of how they worked and how to use them efficiently. I was able to learn how to get subtitles into iMovie. Also, I learned how teachers are able to show videos to their students if they are restricted. Sometimes documentaries and other videos are blocked and teachers want to show them to the students. Now I know how to let teachers not only show the video, but post it to classroom so they can watch it independently. Every time a person walked through the door into Help Desk, I immediately stopped what I was doing in order to greet them. I offered my help and I feel as though they left satisfied with the help I could provide. I was able manage my time and set my priorities to set up my twitter, blog and about.me page all within the last week. For next week, I want to improve my knowledge of how the customer service works at Help Desk.

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