Visitors From Kuwait and Twitter Chat!

The problems that I solved this week were fixing connection issues for the school wifi and getting wifi working at home for the school iPads. I solved these problems by changing the settings for wifi. For the wifi not working at home, I learned how to connect to the com-out internet. That internet connection acts as an outside connection. This way we could check if what we were doing was actually working. We changed the setting in the internet to peep. For the internet not connecting to the school wifi, we had to do something similar. We did not have to connect to com-out, but we did have to change the wifi setting to peep. This connection issue happened exclusively with Chromebooks. I did not offer any online resource because Ms. Scheffer helped us with the Chromebook and iPad issues.

I showed initiative this week when I had free time during class. I used the time to look for next week’s app review. I looked through many apps and I am thinking of doing Lumosity. I proved what it takes to be a leader when I showed visitors from Kuwait our Help Desk blogs. We also showed some of the student blogs. They asked a few questions about how our Help Desk is important. I exercised my creativity this week by making a script for my screencast. I also used Tweet Deck. This helped me overcome the challenge of being part of a Twitter chat. It gives me the ability to schedule tweets, look at my mentions, specific hashtags and more! I recommend this site if you want to be organized during a twitter chat. I was able to adapt to the new situation the Twitter chat like I mentioned before. Ms. Scheffer strongly suggested Tweet Deck like I just mentioned. It was exciting being part of a Twitter chat it was only my second time being part of one. The last time I had been part of a Twitter chat was in freshman year which was two years ago. This chat was great because I got to see many views on why people think tech teams are important. There were many supporters. It was great seeing people who shared our interest in technology. The chat was completely positive, everyone talked about the benefits of tech teams and connecting to others. Here something that I retweeted from last night’s chat.


I offered excellent customer service this week when I paid full attention to our visitors needs. I made sure that I learned how to help with the internet issues mentioned before. My whole group made sure to let them know that they can come back whenever they need help. I was able to manage my time and set priorities this week by getting the tweets for tonight set up. I have them scheduled to go out shortly after the questions are asked. I am also going to be there live so that if there are questions specifically for me, I can answer them. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I searched for apps to review. I looked in depth through around 5 in one class period. I need to improve on questions to ask for customer service. I made the mistake of not asking a customer what they needed help with. She said that she needed to speak to Ms. Scheffer. She happened to be out of the room at that time, so I took her information. If I asked what it is she needed, I could have helped her. She needed to know how to add videos to Google Slides. My goals for the next two weeks are to manage my time better to make sure I get work done early and make sure that every customer leaves the Help Desk satisfied. I am most proud of the fact that I got to show people from Kuwait how our education system works with iPads. Also, I am proud that we got to show them how important Help Desk is.



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