iOS 9.3 Hype

Apple Classroom

Recently, iOS 9.3 came out for apple devices. It has many new features which I will go into in a little bit. First, I wanted to mention that there is a new Apple App that is out with this update. It is called Apple Classroom. This app is going to be great for keeping students focused on task.  According to the article Apple’s Classroom app goes live to bolster iPad in education,  teachers can launch the apps for the students. Also, educators will be able to see the screens of each student. This will keep them from losing focus or shifting their attention to texting or games. However, students will be aware that their screen is being watched. Apple Classroom is also linked with AirPlay. This lets educators present to any monitor hooked up to Apple TV. Another great feature of Apple Classroom is that it works great if you are sharing an iPad. It is very simple to swap between accounts. Also, Apple Classroom has an automatic connection feature so that classes can be formed very easily.



App Updates

Now there areA better experience every day. And night. many new features and updates. The updates are for the Health, Music, Notes and News apps. For the Health app, the major part of the update is that it now displays data from the Apple Watch. This makes it so that there is no more need to swap between two apps constantly. A smaller part of the update is that it is now easier to access the options. The Apple Music app and CarPlay now let you look through the songs in the For You and New songs sections. Also, the nearby feature lets you find gas stations, restaurants and parking lots. The News app is more organized now. It no longer restricts landscape mode, giving another view. It also loads faster and has more space for more stories. The Notes app has an update on privacy. You can now lock certain notes by fingerprint so that you are the only one able to see them.



From the articles iOS 9.3 FAQ: Everything you need to know! and iOS 9.3: The best new features, I learned that with iOS 9.3, there are some great new features. The major one is Night Shift. This works similarly to F.lux. The basis of Night Shift is that the colors on the screen will start to shift little by little towards an orange hue. This makes it so that you do not strain your eyes as much at night. The phones locks down on your location and tries to match it with the sunset. It is great for people who like to read in bed. Don’t worry, the colors don’t stay in the orange hue forever, it shifts back in the morning. If you don’t want this feature, you can simply turn it off in the settings. If you have an iPhone 6 or above, you will already know about 3D touch. With this update, there is now a 3D touch for the settings app. This lets you turn Wifi on and off, check the battery settings and change the Bluetooth.


I think that this update is great. It adds many new features and updates to apps that many people use. It also adds Apple Classroom as a downloadable app which will be great for education. Though I do feel like Apple is ripping off Google’s idea. They even kept the same name, just changed the company. Instead of Google Classroom, it is Apple Classroom. I feel like they could have been more original. I tried loading the app up, but it got stuck on an orange screen. I am guessing they will fix that soon. Anyways, I think it is a great idea to add in Night Shift. I use my phone at night and sometimes the brightness hurts my eyes. I know I am not alone in that, so I support this update and I think everyone should get it.


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