FullSizeRenderGreetings! My name is Adam Princiotta, and I am a high school junior. This is my first year at the Help Desk and will be working there during period 3. I joined Help Desk in order to help other students and teachers as well as learn more about technology. I took Digital Literacy with Ms. Scheffer freshman year and she recommended that I join Help Desk. I am skilled at using both computers and iPads. My favorite apps are Google Docs and Notability. They are both simple and effective apps that help me daily with school.

I like to learn using technology because it allows me to save more ideas in less space. Instead of having multiple notebooks weighing my backpack down, I can have them in a light portable device. It also helps me learn by allowing me access to the internet, so if I am caught in a situation where I need help but no one can help me, I can count on Google! My favorite tech tip is using shortcuts on the keyboard like control+t in order to open new tabs quicker.

I enjoy learning about how the world works through science and math classes. It helps me understand the world around me. I am involved with the high school tennis team, and I am hoping to make varsity this spring. I am currently thinking about going to college and going for a degree in computer science. At the moment, I am learning the basics of two coding languages, C++ and Python. You can connect with me through this blog and my Twitter!


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