ILE Assessment

I show my slideshow as well as explain how my ILE went HERE. We got to present in front of the administration staff. It went very well. They were eager to hear from us and gave us their opinion on the subject. Parking was not a new subject for them. They liked our ideas and are considering putting them into effect.


ILE Proposal

The BHS parking lot has become very disorganized, leading to confusion on where to park. My goal for this ILE is to make predefined spots for students to park. Instead of students struggling to find a parking spot, they will know that there will be one for them. All BHS students who drive to school and park in the student parking lot will benefit from this project. I selected this group because I have seen students look for parking spaces for minutes trying to maneuver around the other students who already found a spot. I am part of this group which also makes me want to get involved. Right now, our timeline is for April 1st, we want to have the special tags designed. For May 1st, we want to be ready to present our proposal to the administration office. Lastly, for June 1st, we want to have the parking lot ready for next year. The product of this presentation will be the layout for each parking ticket holder’s personal parking space. We want to have a map setup with each individual parking space numbered. Each student will get a number corresponding to their spot. Our resources would be a map of the student parking lot and the 3D printer that we would use to make the tags. I want to make the BHS parking lot have set parking spots to get BHS more organized and let students get to homeroom quicker, in case they run late.